*TOP 100* FUNNY MOMENTS in Fortnite! (You WILL Laugh)
Fortnite Top 100 Funniest Fails - Funny, Laughing and MORE!
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Today we'll be watching the FUNNIEST Fortnite moments in Fortnite! These funny moments will include fails and moments that are the FUNNIEST in Fortnite! The Funniest Moments in Fortnite are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So the Funniest moments from ALL of Fortnite!
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    Burpn Crcked

    1:31 I taught it was Shrek

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    Liz Carrasco

    Did you look like I am in the dropping baby Yoda who I love singer but now you don’t like them because I love baby Yoda

  • Gannon Brown
    Gannon Brown

    The first one said and we wee wee

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    why was the thumbnail... FUNNY?

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    Naruto Uzumaki

    no efens your setup is really messy

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    I hit the like button but I'm only having one life bigger than the chosen one

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    Myriam Busby

    The rift gun is in there's a 1 percent chance for Jones to spawn instead of raz in middle

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    Naveed Ahmed

    Bro i only lost 1 life

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    The super power one is soooo funy

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  • EpicGamer

    That Boat one happened to me lol


    ali a: what language is that me: its arabic (my language)

  • Abhinandan Udupa
    Abhinandan Udupa

    That was not even funny. I did not even lose a life

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    Sniper 55

    7:10 Are you. Sure about that

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    Carolina Pires

    The tax are in the Game

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    Noah McDonald

    Not funny I did not laugh once

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    Tacks are now in game you should play more

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    Charles Johnson

    I only lost 1 life i have no sense of humor

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    Eli Sikuea

    You got it wrong the tactical shotgun is added back in the game

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    Matthew Stehlin

    I thought it was bad because how many people told me

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    Hammad Salman

    i want 1 life

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    Angie Lotter

    lol I remember when I only watched Ali-a when he played call of duty

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  • Marie Yves Carmel Barbara Thomas
    Marie Yves Carmel Barbara Thomas

    I got two more life There just funny

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    Ali nothing is more annoying than conning second Me what about coming 100 th

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    I saw the title What the heck Iron Man


    I had 1 life at the end

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    TTT403s Gamer

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    Maritess Manansala

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    Jen Craven

    Ali: I don't need an extra life Me: bro you have already lost 4 lives

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    Do ya know the one where she couldn’t get into the cannon i was in her game lol

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    The fake hammer

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    Lovxnz fan 2007

    2:32 ayo??

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