The *WORST* Design Fails EVER! (FUNNY)
Worst Design Fails EVER - These are so funny!
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Design fails... These are REAL design fails!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • potato

    999? Bu- oh hes au-

  • Danielle

    No the women are lamps

  • Layla Grimes
    Layla Grimes

    Your videos are so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jace Mellen
    Jace Mellen

    May the force be with you?

  • Jace Mellen
    Jace Mellen

    I like the design on the house with the garge

  • Nehan Zia
    Nehan Zia

    Ali a was wearing glasses which has no glass in it ahaha

  • The Chungus Bros
    The Chungus Bros


  • DashHopes

    7:40 it says may the fourth be with you star wars

  • XxkalegamerxX bacon playz
    XxkalegamerxX bacon playz

    1:04 lol

  • Oliver Guest
    Oliver Guest

    6:06 I have one in my school like that 🤦

  • Sone (Akira) Care
    Sone (Akira) Care

    Lol 999 more like 911

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones



    You had one job

  • Annie Rantz
    Annie Rantz

    May the 4th be with you get it Star Wars claimed may4th

  • Jolie Marie
    Jolie Marie

    it says spread soap not the virus

  • jenny madden
    jenny madden

    It says on the phone case at 7:37 may the Forse be with you star wars

  • Cash Sandoval-Arciniega
    Cash Sandoval-Arciniega

    You spoke at fortnite😁

  • armando martinez
    armando martinez

    Hi you make you on box fight right alia?

  • Jayvee Asis
    Jayvee Asis

    8:08 also the shadow makes the recit wet

  • Jayvee Asis
    Jayvee Asis

    3:35 wdym a million its clearly 500k

  • Jayvee Asis
    Jayvee Asis

    2:45 he has 2 nose and mouth

  • NewAdamSC Lx
    NewAdamSC Lx


  • FREEZING GAMER fernandes
    FREEZING GAMER fernandes

    i know its a doowind

  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado

    666 coment

  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado


  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado


  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado


  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado


  • Tyler Maldonado
    Tyler Maldonado


  • Javier Trujillo Jr
    Javier Trujillo Jr

    The glasses tho 😂

  • o gneck
    o gneck

    ali it i may the 4th be with u

  • Echo Gaming
    Echo Gaming

    I was shocked when he swore

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis

    WILL LYOUVE MARRYOU Read the red letters only,from top to bottom. I LOVE YOU That is what it says if you did what I said Just saying,doen't now if you knew.

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis

    Alia I saw how you where sopose to read the weird sentence.

  • Michael Mihailov
    Michael Mihailov

    Im a Australian alia fan

  • Alissa Pacheco
    Alissa Pacheco

    It's not a door or a window it's a monstrosity

  • Lori Jones
    Lori Jones

    Is it me or does Ali look cool in glasses

  • Googleyouroogle

    Those glasses are supposed to make it look like you need them when you dont

  • ToriBloxYT

    Well the guy with 2 mustaches could have shaved one and grew another

  • Sarah Khatib
    Sarah Khatib

    On the phone case, it said may the force be with you Star Wars

  • Steve Nashatker
    Steve Nashatker


  • Gracie Rebecca
    Gracie Rebecca

    may the forth be with you star wars

  • Op Frost
    Op Frost

    Quickly call 999 0:52

  • Jenn Slusser
    Jenn Slusser

    It looks like someone pees on the bed


    He Said may the force be with you

  • Harpoon Gamer
    Harpoon Gamer

    Parkour Toilet

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    I love you and I’m 6

  • gunpygravy51

    7:40 'May The Force Be With You - star wars Thats what it says

  • Fionn De Wilde
    Fionn De Wilde

    You are my favorite ALgoner


    Why in the world does the bathroom have a transparent door

  • Ashton Thacker
    Ashton Thacker

    It’s may the force be with you Star Wars

  • BossPlayzYT

    May the force be with you war

  • LegendPlayz

    On the marry me one read the blue letters only then the red letters only it says I love you and will you marry me

  • Anthony Roque
    Anthony Roque

    May the force be with you

  • XGplays

    11:55 it says in red i love you and it also says in both will you marry me

  • Mandi Stewart
    Mandi Stewart


  • Tarlie Davies
    Tarlie Davies

    I don't like Ali he cheats

  • Evan Gerbi
    Evan Gerbi


  • Viod Films
    Viod Films

    What the heck I am Australia 🇦🇺

  • Ghastify


  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez

    Bbhuuggvttgyu182(49922382767Hello my little friend how are you doing I wanna say hello how are you don’t

  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez


  • Jack

    Look at Peach and Daisy's face, and just ignores the fact that a Goomba has been turned into a human.

  • sibgha hunain
    sibgha hunain

    Ben ten is secretly scp 096

  • MustPlayz

    Maythefobewirecthstarouwars. -Disney 2021 7:30 That definitely didn't take me an hour to type.

  • Freddie Mejares
    Freddie Mejares

    What In The World

  • badyzargo389

    I can send you a pic of my horrible house and how do I send a pic to you????????????

    • badyzargo389

      It's my bathroom 🚽 there is a windo

  • Cool boy Best boys
    Cool boy Best boys

    did you guys see he said 999 he mant 911

  • Jad Abbod
    Jad Abbod

    Bruh Ali a u made me laugh a lot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sir_Sneak _A_Lot
    Sir_Sneak _A_Lot

    ali-a needs glasses now?~

  • alex garcia
    alex garcia

    I found it you ow me 1m dolars I found the 70 hahhahaha

  • James Washington
    James Washington

    AliA:he has 2 mustaches

  • AJ Indel
    AJ Indel

    Yes new cat in the hat song Door in the floor and can see it being a book

  • XD Dillpickle
    XD Dillpickle

    It’s not a window or a door

  • ISS Palumbo UK LTD
    ISS Palumbo UK LTD

    Ali didn’t notice on the number one the fourth level says accesses to roof garden but 5 floors

    • asteroid gaming
      asteroid gaming

      I like you Ali-A


    dont forget to dislike and unsub

  • Danishtama Savaraz Mustafa
    Danishtama Savaraz Mustafa

    in russia we dont have the legend of zelda, instead we have the elda

  • Swarnit Kulkarni
    Swarnit Kulkarni

    3:29 yea I quite like it :)


    its may the force be with you

  • Owen Gilmore
    Owen Gilmore

    read the red letters at 11:50

  • Mocomason Land
    Mocomason Land

    10:43 nightmare fuel 100%

  • Mocomason Land
    Mocomason Land

    im going to have nightmares R.I.P. Anna and Hans

  • Keata Jones
    Keata Jones

    8:41 says free online delivery I said that before Ali btw

  • Swag Gamer77
    Swag Gamer77

    At first when I said hotel I said heltel

  • KyloKen

    9:03 So your not going to talk about the door.

  • Shane Sheffer
    Shane Sheffer

    Why do you sound like the koala from The Wild ? Are you the acter?

  • adit vallecha
    adit vallecha

    9:30 the elda

  • Ultra instinct Goku
    Ultra instinct Goku

    I've never seen Ali a wear glasses before

  • Raul Perez
    Raul Perez

    Play Clash of clans!!!

  • Nut Case
    Nut Case

    I used code Alia put code Alia in the fortnite item shop

  • Andru Zamora01
    Andru Zamora01

    That thumbnail though 😬

  • Abe25

    What am I looking at Me: I looking at you Friend: you are not normal

  • JayFliggyPlayz

    Is 999 the American 911

  • Fitsum Abdissa
    Fitsum Abdissa

    Ali said 999 lol

  • the gamer9
    the gamer9

    Ali-A you should do more Nintendo switch videos

  • Ivan Babushkin
    Ivan Babushkin

    It’s says “may the force be with you Star Wars “on the phone

    • Keata Jones
      Keata Jones

      you stole that from me

  • Recruit

    3:40 it's five hundred thousand not five million

  • Recruit

    You stole the cover from another video 😯 I will never trust you again

  • Hector Pineiro
    Hector Pineiro

    At 0:59 Ali says quickly call 999 I thought it was 911


      diffrent in LA

  • AiA

    Anonymously AiA Gavin gunning☺👍

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