*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 6 BATTLEPASS! (Lara Croft, Agent Jonesy + SECRET SKINS!)
Fortnite SEASON 6 BATTLEPASS unlocked Tier 100 Secret Skins!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • MoreAliA

    WOOO NEW SEASON IS HERE - Who's your fav skin? Don't forget to pop in code "ALIA" for a shout-out!

    • RyanF7

      Agent John Jones is my favorite battle pass skin because his styles are cool especially his jump 42 style

    • king king
      king king

      My favorite is raven

    • Iron Kid Playz YT
      Iron Kid Playz YT

      I like rebirth raven

    • Melissa Klemenhagen
      Melissa Klemenhagen

      Can you gift jack.klem

    • Chicken_ Bot
      Chicken_ Bot

      @ThraxxNation Austinn no

  • Crusher xd
    Crusher xd

    Yooo Ali I have 2500 wins

  • Role-play and Gaming
    Role-play and Gaming

    Cluck is the best in the battle pass

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb

    My favorite skin is the spire assassin

  • drift and clark
    drift and clark

    hey ali there is an velocidoculos

  • Ismael Ojeda
    Ismael Ojeda

    Ali sead a bad word

  • jaf1213

    I just realized that all 7 spire towers are in the same place as the cube things. And there are7 spire guards if u include the spire assassin in the middle

  • Supreme God
    Supreme God

    I can already tell sweats are gonna be using agent jones

  • Burrito

    there will be a diplodoculos lol

  • Lewis Armitage
    Lewis Armitage

    I yous your code in the item shop alia

  • AliAFanYT

    I like agent jonesy

  • ArkadeGamer

    It’s al-e a

  • cam oz
    cam oz

    Mine cluck or agent jones

  • Allison Brennan
    Allison Brennan

    What's ur fav skin please respond

  • Froggy_YT

    @MoreAliA People at my school call you trash but I don't think so

  • Deadchu

    My favrot is sipire assen

  • Ayoub Ajaj
    Ayoub Ajaj

    Did Alia just say the a word on the ultimate Jones loading screen

  • Alfred Juked you
    Alfred Juked you

    Me: whoa Teen Titans are in the game! Ali-A:tEaM tItAnS aRe In ThE gAmE!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Benjy Gamer
    The Benjy Gamer

    Did he shout his self out 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Le
    Brandon Le

    8:50 bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • YeetTheFoxy 87
    YeetTheFoxy 87

    ITS A DIPLODOCULAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bharat Patel
    Bharat Patel

    Raz ( Glyph Master )

  • flameee

    1:45 badass.

    • flameee

      If you dont trust me. Turn on captions at 1:35 all the way to 1:45.

  • Eli Overton
    Eli Overton

    My fav skin us the ... raven!

  • Eli Overton
    Eli Overton

    Oh my freaking godmthe event was 1918293738373848484844o OUT of 10

  • Myat min ko ko Oo
    Myat min ko ko Oo

    I​ love​ how​every chapters​ and​ seasons there alway a​ jonesey skins

  • DH Xenix
    DH Xenix

    my favourite skin is cluck

  • Absar Salahuddin
    Absar Salahuddin

    Ali-a can gift me the battle pass😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😬

  • Maximus Williams
    Maximus Williams

    Naymar Jr is a Forget about it

  • Eddie Ferradas
    Eddie Ferradas

    Hey Alia how is Clair put her in more vids

  • Eddie Tattoos
    Eddie Tattoos

    Raz is my favorite skin i also love the slurp back bling.🔥

  • Malek's News
    Malek's News

    Neymar JR is one of the secrets in the battle pass

  • Portvee

    i like the videos he uploads on morealia better than his actual channel

  • Faiza Khalil
    Faiza Khalil

    We need messi

  • Henry Lee-Shaw
    Henry Lee-Shaw

    Lara Croft

  • hello city people person does dumb stuff
    hello city people person does dumb stuff

    Spire assassin will get more styles it’s at the end of the trailer

  • lukita 7_18
    lukita 7_18

    Tarana is my favorite as well and agent Jones of course

  • lukita 7_18
    lukita 7_18

    Lara croft is my favorite skin in the battle pass so far

  • RNG78

    Yesterday yesterday when I look down it's the same day that you look for the live event

  • Dream And badboyhalo
    Dream And badboyhalo

    1:45 he curses confirmed!!! 👀👀👀

  • Rehan i
    Rehan i

    Anyone else saw in the trailer jonsey got muscular in the 3d version

  • Amurex

    Ali Aids Stop clickbaiting Your fans like you have been doing for years.

  • I’m a Sprayer
    I’m a Sprayer


  • Azombo25

    The best code in Fortnite is ALIA

  • Stealth

    D I P I D O L U C L I O U S

  • Jonathan Kalakoti
    Jonathan Kalakoti

    plz gift me the battle pass My epic is Ninjas Edge

  • gamerboy Hadden
    gamerboy Hadden


  • Ted Rainville II
    Ted Rainville II


  • mohammad momani
    mohammad momani

    I love how half people don't know where ranvan came from like bro it's from teen titans

  • lakshit pc
    lakshit pc


  • Fortify Shiguy
    Fortify Shiguy

    Kevin but just spherical...

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The nostalgic toilet locally hand because macaroni consquentially continue across a wiry size. macabre, deafening back

  • ezek6330 ezek6330
    ezek6330 ezek6330

    the kablammo spray has fishstick and peely fighting maybe that't because there's the banana army and fishy army?

  • iluwimi

    Petition for a ali a skin

  • Itz_notDani 313
    Itz_notDani 313

    I didnt want Neymar Jr...I wanted the foundation skin to be the secret skin.

  • Telishia Bethea
    Telishia Bethea

    I like jones

  • Hoda Kassem
    Hoda Kassem


  • Hayley Hutton
    Hayley Hutton

    What if spire assassin is one of the sisters

  • Can Ruzgar Kalyoncu
    Can Ruzgar Kalyoncu

    Like we do not destroy lamas

  • Akillis Verschelden
    Akillis Verschelden

    Raven rebirth is my favoriet

  • Impact playr
    Impact playr

    Your teasing me to buy a new xbox

  • Jacinta Tovar
    Jacinta Tovar

    Gamer zeus0412 I sub

  • adan ran
    adan ran

    he said as

  • Shadow Ninjax
    Shadow Ninjax

    I love Raz more

  • Bryson Gamer
    Bryson Gamer


  • N L
    N L

    Jurassic park??!!!?!???

  • N L
    N L

    What about a fnaf skin in Fort nite because there is a lot of evidence that Freddy or foxy are coming

  • dienanixx

    Ravens my fav skin in Fortnite battles pass I don’t know why

  • Faze Walker12
    Faze Walker12

    the spire reminds me of soron from the lord of the rings movie

  • Gregory P
    Gregory P

    Slava cloth and I’m wearing right now I’m am a boy

  • Kylossis 0708
    Kylossis 0708

    cluck the chiken

  • Josue Dilu
    Josue Dilu

    Guff now has a competitor of whos the better bird😂

  • Terry Haynes
    Terry Haynes

    I used your code for the battle pass

  • Carter Manila
    Carter Manila


  • DeAndre Jenkins
    DeAndre Jenkins

    Yeaaaa dude

  • Anna Iskander-Reynolds
    Anna Iskander-Reynolds

    My faviroute skin is Lara Croft

  • 4g3nt 0
    4g3nt 0

    Much templa raider nostagia

  • q͓̽t͓̽p͓̽r͓̽i͓̽v͓̽a͓̽t͓̽e͓̽ヅ

    i spend so much time grinding my level but these people out here buying level

  • B player
    B player

    Teir 100, is it peelys😂

  • Magoo

    Alyea why do you do you not use any battle pass skins game skin because you’re just wasting dumb what’s the point of having having them having done my brothers going to buy the battle pass for the more Vbox in the email it said not gonna use the skins

  • Robert Gauthier
    Robert Gauthier

    I hate that epic games made the secret skin naymar Jr instead of the foundation I mean really

  • OffBentleyboys yt
    OffBentleyboys yt

    i like how nobody says anything about the lifted lambo

  • Stephanie Handal
    Stephanie Handal

    gift me the battel bass plz epic is lilbro916

  • cloudsnipes

    obviously has never seen any dc comics or movies

  • AydenNotAlpha

    On the level 91 spray next to peely’s head it looks likes there is a head of bendy or meowscles. I am confused.

  • Anthony Nieves
    Anthony Nieves

    Tarana is the ocean skin all over. Trash and the chicken skin is trash.

  • Anthony Nieves
    Anthony Nieves

    Raven is in the battle pass because Batman is the foundation

  • Paige Mizelle
    Paige Mizelle

    Me again Croft means smart

  • MTG


  • MTG

    GTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poemon GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams


  • Alfyris


  • RT CoCo
    RT CoCo

    Imagine Robin,Cyborg,Beastboy and star fire being in fortnite😱

    • James Giangregorio
      James Giangregorio


  • NightCore The NightWing
    NightCore The NightWing

    3:34 The memes return

  • lea garcia
    lea garcia

    Iam Isaiah

  • lea garcia
    lea garcia

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss no

  • Naimurojasu AKA the GOAT
    Naimurojasu AKA the GOAT

    Why does every one think armoured peely is still coming even when it says peelynope as in it's not coming to fortnite

  • Antoine van Leeuwen
    Antoine van Leeuwen

    Why do you sya Infamous Infamous means basically that they were populair for beinging bad

  • Buffer


  • Nathan Loveless 21 (STUDENT)
    Nathan Loveless 21 (STUDENT)

    is anyone gonna tell us about the secret skin styles

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