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Today we'll be watching the FUNNIEST Fortnite Memes! These Funny Fortnite Memes will include the best memes and moments that are the BEST in Fortnite! The Funny Memes in Fortnite are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So the BEST memes from ALL of Fortnite!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Victorchu YT
    Victorchu YT

    Me in chapter 2 season 5: gets in a fight. Epic games: kills both of us at the same time

  • Kerry Kosek
    Kerry Kosek

    Can I ad you

  • kevin the orange
    kevin the orange

    3:31 laughed so hard!@


    0:27 Bro Hes So Cracked At Dancing Fr

  • Skye



    There was a lama in 2 bunker chests

  • J-Star Hitz
    J-Star Hitz

    Man I need a redound I’ve hit the like button every time and only got a legendary chest 1 time I’m sewing

  • Deanna Scribe
    Deanna Scribe


  • Deanna Scribe
    Deanna Scribe


  • Elliot Ball
    Elliot Ball

    3:11 did anybody else see the llama?

  • Jessie Brandt
    Jessie Brandt

    Rip Jarvis

  • Bloxy YT
    Bloxy YT

    Big space E Easy if u made it hear ur an average human

  • Bloxy YT
    Bloxy YT

    4:38 like if u see the lama Press read more for hint To the left of the bush

  • Bloxy YT
    Bloxy YT

    3:12 anybody see the lama next to the tree

  • Ratsey offical _yt
    Ratsey offical _yt

    Is it just me or does Ali a look kinda like sundee like if you agree

  • Mateo N
    Mateo N

    Play fnaf

  • Giovanni Digiacomo
    Giovanni Digiacomo

    You should make a ali-a hide and seek map

    • Giovanni Digiacomo
      Giovanni Digiacomo

      He should make an Ali-a hide and seek map

  • JC JC
    JC JC

    Did anyone see the llama in the back round of went the skin found the two secret chest

  • TTV UnStable Gio
    TTV UnStable Gio

    I hit the like button and got blue primal rifle lol but then found legendary chest

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez

    Did anyone miss the llama in the secret chest clip

  • Willow Armagost-Doyle
    Willow Armagost-Doyle

    Im a youtuber

  • Leo Wallis
    Leo Wallis

    super sonic chicken speed

  • Evan Gaver
    Evan Gaver

    2:17. That is soooooo set up

  • Parth Agarwal
    Parth Agarwal

    The most epic moment of the vid: 10:25 , when that epic beat dropped

  • Michael Hoekendorf
    Michael Hoekendorf

    Dude I want of fortnite bc it was a better fortnite

  • Benjamin Carrasco Venegas
    Benjamin Carrasco Venegas


  • Harvy Angelo Dulay
    Harvy Angelo Dulay


  • Koinsegg Khan
    Koinsegg Khan

    8.17 hahha

  • Charles Spies
    Charles Spies

    11:08 : how i play in pubs. 11:23 : how i play in arena and creative fills

  • Kazma

    Sweats Only arena or creative

  • Giorgi Asatiani
    Giorgi Asatiani

    That's another youtuber 4:05

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders

    It’s a diplo Douglas

  • The Opposite 321
    The Opposite 321

    iTs A DiPiLaDoCuLoUs!

  • Paulo Jr
    Paulo Jr

    I like the turtleneck🤩

  • official super Thunder #2
    official super Thunder #2

    I love your 1v1 box fight that has respawns I was popping off and the person was being a sweat while I was being a close up eliminater

  • sliq AU
    sliq AU


  • Sneijder Donis Muñoz
    Sneijder Donis Muñoz

    I am og

  • A Woodal
    A Woodal

    I knew what he was doing :( I used to do that all the time

  • ImLinsks

    2:42 poor jarvis

  • Julius Calderon
    Julius Calderon


  • John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit
    John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit

    3:03 there not even that special i found alot of those bunker chests

  • Anne Marie Hendrickson
    Anne Marie Hendrickson

    That no fall damage guy was so weird

  • Aizen C.
    Aizen C.

    I played alia map and became wolvercake wolverine +mancake

  • Chelsea Jefferson
    Chelsea Jefferson

    Play box fight Ali a

  • Tate Tate Rylan Foster
    Tate Tate Rylan Foster

    Take that MONGRAAL Alia is better

  • Menase Gamer
    Menase Gamer

    man ali looks sick in the turtleneck shheeeessshhh

  • dexter mak
    dexter mak

    Ur vids r dropping off bruh

  • Erik Coleman
    Erik Coleman

    Hi my friend and I are making a map can I friend you so you can help us please it would mean a ton to me

  • Jack Adams
    Jack Adams

    People will not know what the music with the chicken id from I do tho

  • donoven rau
    donoven rau

    Foooorrrrrrteeeee nnnniiiitttt

  • Darkangel_Lexi

    The double pump shotgun isn’t in the game

  • michaela flake
    michaela flake


  • Johnny Stan
    Johnny Stan

    Who plays fortnite anymore?

  • Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan

    Hey Ala-I love the vids or should I say Alastair ekin

  • Karolina Kokot
    Karolina Kokot


  • Karolina Kokot
    Karolina Kokot

    Well chiken wing chiken wi

  • BeanieHQ 5
    BeanieHQ 5

    Ali you are my fav yt and you are the best my b day is tmrw

  • Calen Peters
    Calen Peters

    the recicleler is perfect it is the user

  • Todd Cole
    Todd Cole


  • Amee Cooper
    Amee Cooper

    Guess what I do when I see a build battle at 4 poeple: What I say on duos:LeaVe thEm alOneee

  • Scoggiedoggie

    I played all three Ali a maps and they are FUN

  • Dylan Griffith
    Dylan Griffith


  • 3ggz B3n3d1ct
    3ggz B3n3d1ct

    i see my cousins user on the yeti who killed three innocent people with a boom bow

  • G and K BMX
    G and K BMX

    Thanks for the tips on the spire quests

  • vision doesn’t macro
    vision doesn’t macro

    Ali you do know That that wasn’t mobile it was controller on pc and had performance mode on but on low meshes and you should know to that

  • ModestTerror341- Funny Videos & More
    ModestTerror341- Funny Videos & More


  • Krisztina Kovács
    Krisztina Kovács

    0:26 in funny! 😂😂

  • Eugenijus Zareckas
    Eugenijus Zareckas

    For the person that said they thort I was AFK it ashely whas not there a tik tok to proov on the treos perspectiv

  • Yara

    3:12 my man theres a lama at the back 🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙

  • Ali P.
    Ali P.

    My name is Ali

  • FISHY PØLSECARL Holm Nielsen
    FISHY PØLSECARL Holm Nielsen

    6:3 legendary



  • SLIMER99

    2:45 jarvis isnt evn on controller using aimbot

  • Snorlax Gamer
    Snorlax Gamer

    There’s also a lama in the secret double chest

  • Sixin

    3:17 your welcome

  • Lazerbeam9203 Sorgsepp
    Lazerbeam9203 Sorgsepp

    No one cares about you alia you do klickbait

  • Aadhvik Peruri
    Aadhvik Peruri


  • Avery Thurber
    Avery Thurber

    Are you wearing a freaking turtleneck

  • Katie Mackey
    Katie Mackey

    I used your gode

  • Ducky Mnz
    Ducky Mnz

    Spongebob was cracked with the 200 pump and cranking up the 90s I think he got the vicroy

  • Filip Ferenc
    Filip Ferenc


  • Keira Davison
    Keira Davison

    TRy RobLox Pls

  • Frankie Allen
    Frankie Allen

    Rest in peace to your son he is very speshal

  • Being kind To the world
    Being kind To the world

    The 6 min is newsapepro

  • Unknown Homer
    Unknown Homer


  • Axel Hubbard
    Axel Hubbard

    I just played your gun game and i got to the deagle and it tpd me to the end!?

  • Kaiya Itani-Shaw
    Kaiya Itani-Shaw


  • Tristan H.
    Tristan H.

    What is he wearing!?

  • Janet G.
    Janet G.

    I use your code in the shop call of duty rocketleage fortnite use code Alia

  • Mikaeel Omar
    Mikaeel Omar

    I have a challenge for ya Ali I'm n9w a fortnite hater so try not to 0lay fortnite for as long as possible

  • weplaygamez

    the plugs will never stop

  • Joshy Gaming
    Joshy Gaming

    Haha I just did the alia gungame and I won and it was me and my friend and I said wanna do duos and was screaming MOREEEEEE

  • Edwin Dela cruz
    Edwin Dela cruz

    Can u teach us how to download forrnite

  • Mr. Woah19
    Mr. Woah19


  • Nicole Gorissen
    Nicole Gorissen

    Ik ben ge booren in 2011

  • Mohamed Ossama
    Mohamed Ossama

    Ali a my brother just killed mongraal in fortnite


    ali-a i played all your maps

  • Supreme Fish
    Supreme Fish

    I was born in 2011

  • Supreme Fish
    Supreme Fish


  • Caleb Owen
    Caleb Owen

    At 4:59 I was doing a cha cha dance 💃

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