*NEW* 100 ITEMS vs SHREDDER! (Satisfying Shredding Moments!)
100 ITEMS vs SHREDDER! (Satisfying Shredding Moments!)
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The most satisfying shredding moments - Top 100 items shredded!
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  • Saud Alqassar
    Saud Alqassar

    I love Nutella so if you do that I'm calling my dad and 991

  • Redstillplays

    when you say pumpkin it sounds like you saying pumkin

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    markus do


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  • Len Cajucom
    Len Cajucom

    A+ for laptop

    • Len Cajucom
      Len Cajucom

      And I’m Jacob

  • David Maloy
    David Maloy

    what hahaha

  • Len Cajucom
    Len Cajucom

    Me Jacob: rest in peace AirPods

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    Kimberley Thorpe

    R.I.P arpods

  • Amanda Hiebert
    Amanda Hiebert

    My dad loves peanut butter he normally has like 10 scoops for a snack so do I I have like five scoops XD

  • Henry Winchester
    Henry Winchester

    That was a msi mother board

  • Harshit Dixit
    Harshit Dixit

    what if we put a shredder in a shredder?(I am curious )

  • David Allen
    David Allen


  • Christian Inciarte
    Christian Inciarte

    8:11 description of shaking coke with mentos inside

  • Liam Bajarla
    Liam Bajarla

    imagine his camera fell in the shredder

  • Books and games and memes
    Books and games and memes

    I thought infinity gauntlet was #1 not 6

  • Michael Olivieri
    Michael Olivieri

    And yes you can destroy the infinity stones, remember Wanda destroyed it in avengers infinity war

  • Sammi Valerian
    Sammi Valerian

    Im Canadian

  • Sammi Valerian
    Sammi Valerian

    U can buy candy with 100 dollars 💵

  • Myz44 Gaming
    Myz44 Gaming

    I have that burger dog toy for my dog

  • Carl Wrigley
    Carl Wrigley


  • Kain Kanter
    Kain Kanter


  • 6789Jaybird

    Kenectic sand is an type of slime (sand) it is an type of sand that kenekt

  • Mark Gladwyn
    Mark Gladwyn

    Noo the Ari podes

  • Adam Tharwat
    Adam Tharwat

    Ali your life is a ly because it's called noutella

  • Moon Struck
    Moon Struck

    Ramada Mubarak

  • Owen Garrison
    Owen Garrison

    Nut ella Ali A2021

  • Michael Olivieri
    Michael Olivieri

    What do you mean if the infinity stones get destroyed remember thanks destroyed them in avengers endgame with the help of the stones

  • Isabella Tawil
    Isabella Tawil

    How do you use a stress ball

  • Brb

    woooo that scared me 10:04

  • Realblazor

    I love Nutella

  • Shari Prabesh
    Shari Prabesh


  • Charlie Deliva
    Charlie Deliva

    7:38 but I’m using an iPad:(

  • Ninteen7070

    How can a person break a stress ball but a machine that can break an iPad not?

    • Ninteen7070

      @Hector Games thanks for correcting me😅

    • Hector Games
      Hector Games

      An iPad

  • Majd Quatrameez
    Majd Quatrameez

    Yeah you have deleted the covid-19

  • Jodi Keddie
    Jodi Keddie


  • Shaun Roberts
    Shaun Roberts

    I can’t have Nutella

  • Ronan C
    Ronan C

    What happened to the front of the iPhones

  • Baby Mario and Luigi's Gaming
    Baby Mario and Luigi's Gaming

    Im watching on my ipad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  • Goku Games
    Goku Games

    Yeah some of these gave me the chills

  • Sandra Dyeak
    Sandra Dyeak


  • rachel smith
    rachel smith

    By the way the play button 1 was fake

  • Laura Peacock
    Laura Peacock


  • Yuan Cai Atilano
    Yuan Cai Atilano

    Me like nutela

  • Angus Robbie
    Angus Robbie

    Wow satisfying

  • Nathaniel Corter
    Nathaniel Corter

    i was watching on a i pad so my i pad on #37 was probably like "so you want to play."

  • Xzavion Nelson
    Xzavion Nelson

    He did a Nokia phone and it got absolutely destroyed also the knock your phone was in the same video you're watching

  • Estella Hartsoe
    Estella Hartsoe


  • Leo and Finlay
    Leo and Finlay

    I live in the uk

  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen

    The gummy bear was my favourite!

  • Guus Noordeloos
    Guus Noordeloos

    I told thet the fayk hand was reel

  • sweaty oreos
    sweaty oreos

    They use hot water to clean shreders

  • sweaty oreos
    sweaty oreos


  • Liam Hathaway
    Liam Hathaway

    the water melon looked very old

  • Melanie Gordon
    Melanie Gordon

    What’s kinetic sand what’s kinetic sand! You are really in the UK I never knew that it wasn’t there but USA has it it’s very very fun

  • Claire Harty
    Claire Harty

    we could have won end-game if we shredded the infinity gauntlet and the stones

    • Ninteen7070


  • Muhammad Khizar Haroon
    Muhammad Khizar Haroon

    Get out corona

  • Bella Carter
    Bella Carter

    Lol love you lots more than Jelly

  • Ben Sayotovich
    Ben Sayotovich

    I know it’s Orby’s are there small things and then you can make some big by putting them in water

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman

    to me

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman

    but to me the foam was the most satisfying

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman


  • Biff TheBoxer
    Biff TheBoxer

    Honestly, that covid one is legit. IT"S SO HARD TO GET AWAY

  • Janice Frith
    Janice Frith

    When he put the first fake hand in I thought it was real I felt like I was going to have a heart attack

  • Dalin Frazier
    Dalin Frazier

    6# well thanons yeeted the inf stones.

  • MrWaFFle

    "What's Connectic Sand?" -MoreAliA 2021

    • Cloud Alsobrook
      Cloud Alsobrook

      sand that stiks together like a magnet

  • sparklesandiv

    All of these are very satisfying

  • Kathleen Wood
    Kathleen Wood


  • Maria Moore
    Maria Moore

    Ali-a I have Kinetic Sand! :) And yes we all want Coronavirus to be gone that easy just like shredding it!!

  • mouriceGame


  • Peter Kirkland
    Peter Kirkland

    You could use the infinity stones to destroy the stones

  • Abderahmane Bencheikh
    Abderahmane Bencheikh

    I have neutella and is amazing

  • Mark Foster
    Mark Foster

    Coronavirus 😂😂

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    Gautam Gope

    I also hate alarm clocks

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    John Elson Baguipo

    MAN what did he do aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    i think the laptop was to wide

  • Lynda Cooke
    Lynda Cooke


  • Jurassic Godzilla
    Jurassic Godzilla


  • Ethan Charles
    Ethan Charles

    6:22, not the jelly watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casey Stickley
    Casey Stickley

    Plzzzzzzzzzz do more

  • Faze gpZE
    Faze gpZE

    Why would u shred valuable things

  • Eric Hart
    Eric Hart

    Just seeing that iPad being destroyed is so satisfying


    NO more civid!!!

  • EZClaps

    who else got scared because I thought that was his hand

  • Darth Hoth
    Darth Hoth

    Alia:Wats canetic sand Eavryone: how do you not know wat canetic sand is

  • 77 CleanCut
    77 CleanCut

    10:03 i thought that was his real hand 😨

  • Cornelius van de Klundert
    Cornelius van de Klundert

    How do u not know what Kanectic sand is

  • Smokeyjames

    Can we talk about how he said kupochups

  • Connor Quinn
    Connor Quinn

    And I know that people HATE you but ur not terrible, but I think that ur amazing!

  • Connor Quinn
    Connor Quinn

    Ali A I love ur vids and I subscribed and liked your vids bc I love you and ur awsome.

  • Jeni Deener
    Jeni Deener

    ya on 8

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    Colton Neville

    satup nowwwwww stopid

  • Ringo Cheese
    Ringo Cheese

    Wow that guy has a life time supply of jelly

  • Amethyst Skye
    Amethyst Skye

    an infinity gauntlet

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    Alia you clean the machine with water

  • Sandra Smith
    Sandra Smith

    Why did Ali wanna eat coronavirus

  • Alyssa Wimberly
    Alyssa Wimberly

    On 21 my heart stopped

  • Alyssa Wimberly
    Alyssa Wimberly

    He keeps telling us to listen yet there’s music

  • Luca Tyranski
    Luca Tyranski

    i got a rice vidieo

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