Most *CURSED* Minecraft Mobs in REAL LIFE!
Most *CURSED* Minecraft Mobs in REAL LIFE!
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Minecraft mobs in real life BUT... they're cursed!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Shin Godzilla King
    Shin Godzilla King

    its a chicken not a duck

  • Hadil Al Ali
    Hadil Al Ali

    1.28 Did anyone relize that there was standing 69 dirt when you only Can have 64

  • Dalton Copeland
    Dalton Copeland

    the smelted chest wasn't the weird part its that it had a dirt stack of 69

    • Dalton Copeland
      Dalton Copeland

      sry there was a person that noticed that a month ago

  • Monica Wanja
    Monica Wanja

    EnDeR StEvE 🥸

  • Mustafa Bilen
    Mustafa Bilen

    Bee wither 4:18

  • Mustafa Bilen
    Mustafa Bilen

    Steve ender dragon 3:56


    Everything 0.1 scary Real life ravengar 99.9 scary

  • Bongo BTW
    Bongo BTW

    Bruh dats a chicken not a duck

  • Becky Ingamells
    Becky Ingamells

    i made a circle in vanilla minecraft

  • ksg_fishycorn

    Get 500 comment

  • ksg_fishycorn


  • Cool Collin
    Cool Collin


  • Cool Collin
    Cool Collin

    Umm the pig is a ghost

  • Lewis Lincoln
    Lewis Lincoln

    Can I go down the slide???

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    I want to craft fingers

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    Call yester we want to be with her that’s one of my favorite ones that’s what I would been waiting wider be right that’s what I am what kind of wait I see you and Bill but I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be I’me

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    Dusty dragon in Minecraft because if that is the fit me in real life I want to get my revenge

  • zerjoe channel
    zerjoe channel

    I played that real life minecraft it's just like minecraft but like real life

  • Big Boomer
    Big Boomer

    i dont play minecraft

  • Digitized Knight
    Digitized Knight

    Wait ali u called a chicken a duck? 0:36

  • Donnie Myers
    Donnie Myers

    Ali a:duck Me:wat ta

  • Tipical Destroyer
    Tipical Destroyer


  • Tyler Mckenzie
    Tyler Mckenzie

    He said what wrong lol🤣🤣

  • Barachiel Inca
    Barachiel Inca

    1:16 Hahahahaha it’s a chest ingot

  • Theron Hamilton
    Theron Hamilton

    NO JUST NO 0:41

  • Nicholas Lamb
    Nicholas Lamb


  • Glitch760 ghazi
    Glitch760 ghazi

    R/pheonixsc for some cursed mc

  • king kazma
    king kazma

    3:02 how technoblade sees himself

  • kevin Gumball Watterson
    kevin Gumball Watterson


  • Gaming4life 4life
    Gaming4life 4life


  • adhanif

    Who else thinks alia is wrong is should be a diamond with dirt

  • adhanif

    Who else realises the chest ingot one had 69 dirt what

  • Megan Phillips
    Megan Phillips

    Alia it’s a chicken not a duck go back to kinder garden

  • among us red
    among us red

    Why does his voice sound a little bit like like

  • Unless

    lover fella?

  • Future Flash Gamer
    Future Flash Gamer

    There not cursed images... anymore

  • SNOW furry TM ziro
    SNOW furry TM ziro

    Fun fact most of the monsters are created by creepypasta artist the Invincible and Trevor Henderson

  • MiniPanda

    Dirtmonds is noob123's favorite

  • galarianYT

    ali called a chicken a duck

  • Elliott Williams
    Elliott Williams

    You missed something the bed was sideways

  • Salim Samman
    Salim Samman

    the cursed pig is piggy

  • Salim Samman
    Salim Samman

    curse of vanishing means when it is dropt i deasapear

  • Salim Samman
    Salim Samman

    we wont talk about there whas 69 dirt

  • Salim Samman
    Salim Samman

    alia that is not a duck it is a chicken

  • iPlay Game Theatre
    iPlay Game Theatre

    From the beginning he said DUCK not CHICKEN

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin

    The potion is fake:(

  • Scepter

    i was too scared i had to skip the phantom the ghast and the iron golem


    ....its a chicken nota duck...

  • Heather Jordan
    Heather Jordan

    that phantom looks like a pimped out peacock

  • fatoom abood
    fatoom abood

    freeky video :)

  • Hashem Meheisen
    Hashem Meheisen

    creepers are leaves

  • Oqzy

    10:44 Why is the nether made out of pink stone? (its an end city btw, just that one is cursed)

  • SavageGamer

    If you get a picture of Minecraft stone and lower the brightness on camera and then you would see bedrock

  • Cnz Trial
    Cnz Trial

    1:23 he didn't notice that there were 69 dirt lol

  • Liam Lundell
    Liam Lundell

    well here come the Nightmares

  • TheKalkara131

    Third time telling Ali that I miss him playing Minecraft and I want him to start a new series

  • Kaden Barr
    Kaden Barr

    The strechty piston is actually in a minecraft story levels and the slide is a mod alia

  • Logan van Rooyen
    Logan van Rooyen

    A duck what!

  • Jourdan Jong
    Jourdan Jong


  • Logan Odom
    Logan Odom

    Who here agrees with me that Ali a needs to upload more on Clare and Ali a

  • Farming and Gaming with Ben
    Farming and Gaming with Ben

    Alia: The pig has long legs, the cow has tiny legs, The sheep is a DUCK and the DUCK is a sheep Me: !**TRIGGERED**!

    • Kingsley Chen
      Kingsley Chen

      Just bout to comment that

  • Blade

    Yes Minecraft

  • AppleEA

    Roses are dead violets are dying outside I'm smiling but inside I'm crying I wish you would just notice my content 😢

    • banana skin
      banana skin


  • I.D.Kgames

    alia even when its tamed its still a wolf its NOT a dog

  • fortnite

    YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red Striker X
    Red Striker X

    That thumbnail was my sleep paralysis demon

    • deadlyGotIQ

      Lol 😂

  • Olivia Strickland
    Olivia Strickland

    ok I just want to correct u the thing u called duck is a chicken just so u know not to be rude if I’m sry hurting ur feelings

  • carson harley
    carson harley

    Nobody Ali a : 🤟🏼🤟🏼Its a thick........SWORD

  • SaltyBops

    Ali it’s not a duck 🙄

  • RmSebat Gaming
    RmSebat Gaming

    7:10 The pig tho I can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Davidson
    Mark Davidson

    The gahst in real life looks like a cursed teletubbie sun

  • X3millszx3

    I just love how much he uploads.

  • C.A.M.O

    The most cursed thing is that he calls a chicken a duck

    • Tofo

      Your right

    • deadlyGotIQ

      Fr 😂

    • Flying raptor 66
      Flying raptor 66

      No it’s creper

    • Alex Wildermuth
      Alex Wildermuth

      Yeah, right?

  • Graham Brasseur
    Graham Brasseur

    the stack of dirt was more than 64 it was 69

  • Parker Knight
    Parker Knight

    thats a chicken not a duck

  • CurvedRhyme5660

    Petition for alia to play hypixel or do a new update

  • Alfyris

    Very cursed

  • Dittokitt

    Ali A: Why is the nether pink stone 10:45 Me: that's End Stone

  • Lily Bug
    Lily Bug

    I don't need to hit the like to be immune when I have had the coroviris vacsnation:)

  • Sumiyati sumiyati
    Sumiyati sumiyati

    Not cursed

  • Magnus Bakken
    Magnus Bakken

    What its 69 blooc,s in a furnes

  • Ninja LouC
    Ninja LouC

    Add me

  • Echo

    The real life ghast looks like a floating babybell

  • Gingy

    1:19 did yall notice the REAL MISTAKE Hint: the dirt

  • Mythical Ikonik
    Mythical Ikonik

    Boi that's is not a duck that's a chicken lol

  • Getachew Hbest
    Getachew Hbest

    That is a chicken


    Wth did I see now

  • Henry Long
    Henry Long

    3:32 that happened to me lol

  • Ciriaco Martinez
    Ciriaco Martinez

    is it a duck or a chicken

  • SB StopMotion
    SB StopMotion

    Longed neck piston probably little nightmares teachers son

  • Emerald Kids
    Emerald Kids

    Bruh 2:19 6:39

    • Emerald Kids
      Emerald Kids

      Ouuuuuuuuuuo why’s it going daggel

  • DannyYT09

    22 hours ago


    it's an chiken

  • Shaun Kill
    Shaun Kill


  • Fang 1.0
    Fang 1.0

    The duck not the chicken

  • Georgia Williams
    Georgia Williams

    Inget is how u say ingot

  • Moon belhout
    Moon belhout


  • Izzy Bizzy 678
    Izzy Bizzy 678

    Plz add me on fortnite

  • FloppyFish

    Actually clearly dirt is the best block so mine one dirtmon and get 10000000 diamond blocks


    me:A DUCK, A DUCK, A DUCK? Me again:😮😮😮😮😮 Mojang:IT'S DUCK DUCK DAHHH. Me:YEAH A DUCK!🙄🙄🙄🙄

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