HOW I got *TWO* Minecraft WORLD RECORDS!
HOW I got *TWO* Minecraft WORLD RECORDS!
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Today we'll be watching Ali-A get TWO Minecraft World Records!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Ansis Upatnieks
    Ansis Upatnieks

    water bucket mlg is easy!

  • Oscar_du

    Those records are bs but i am still a fan

  • paraKnowYaH

    im named on switch steve XD


    Ali-a don't worry about what other people say I think your a great minecraft player

  • Preston Villeda
    Preston Villeda

    I’ll use the flying Technique So for some real talk my baby brother build faster than u

  • Anupama S.Nathan
    Anupama S.Nathan

    You shouldn't be getting hate u are great

  • Mr Doggo
    Mr Doggo

    Why were you faking the Guinness world records Lol

  • Jahshshdhdgsh

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ.

  • Kat Rich
    Kat Rich

    hey i beat the gines and i was 5 i went on crativ and got like 10 staks of wood

  • Star Kids
    Star Kids

    1000th comment

  • Chadie Ghadie
    Chadie Ghadie

    Congratulations Alia

  • ZombieBoy6051 Lucky
    ZombieBoy6051 Lucky

    Do you still have the world record frame’s?

  • the gamer saleh
    the gamer saleh

    I am not a hater

  • Fox-King Crazyworld
    Fox-King Crazyworld

    Little did Alyea know his world record that already been beat for the fastes stare building

  • Royale 723
    Royale 723

    1:28 that Crafting system brings back so many memories

    • Melanie Deakin
      Melanie Deakin


  • Ray507

    I love how his aware of the hate while the other ALgoner is just completely blind about it.


    you are amazinggggggggggggggggg

  • Kiran Ajbani
    Kiran Ajbani

    but still nice alia

  • Kiran Ajbani
    Kiran Ajbani

    thats so easy you bot


    I love that he just accepted that he is a meme he is a very genuine guy

  • Jojo Baxter
    Jojo Baxter

    bruh even i can do better than you ali on xbox console it would be easy

  • Nikhath Afreen
    Nikhath Afreen

    I started minecraft first on xbox 360

  • D Kaur
    D Kaur


    • D Kaur
      D Kaur


  • Victoria Haederer
    Victoria Haederer

    Jonas 9

  • irsyad rizqin
    irsyad rizqin

    Dude everyone can do your world record i also speedrun your stairs world record and collect more woods to make bigger house in my woeld


    Why do people hate, Ali-A is AWSOME.

  • It's raining Gamers
    It's raining Gamers

    I love Ali a i dont no why he gets so much hate

  • Kronological

    The wooden stump

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    They are pretty easy I managed to beat both in my second tries in 3 minutes but okay.

  • GhostCat

    Ali if you see my comments I have no hate love your vids big fan 😊

  • Sheriff Gameboy
    Sheriff Gameboy

    I’ve beat your world record by 7 stairs😁

  • LilLego

    you should either start a minecraft server or atleast an smp with you friends

  • Wargen.


  • Gamesmagic24 !!!
    Gamesmagic24 !!!

    1:23 - Anyone else remember OG crafting in Minecraft.

  • Rithwik Sri Bharadwaj
    Rithwik Sri Bharadwaj

    7:52 Ali: I no longer hold the world record, I’m sad 😢 Me: Laughing at his humor and.... also me: wait it was beaten 2years ago 😂😂🤣🤣😜

  • Menacing Man
    Menacing Man

    Why so much hate on hes guiness world records bet they dont have any world records

  • xxhyperxx


  • DTS Plays
    DTS Plays

    those records are easy

  • Rayyan Saud
    Rayyan Saud

    Alia what hepend to your room during minecraft recore

  • Gufran Ahmad
    Gufran Ahmad

    Did u get a win in fortnite? Yes! Did you use the flying technique?

  • Gamers and Craft
    Gamers and Craft

    I’m dying oh laugh 😂

  • abdul Jardine
    abdul Jardine

    Who ever does memes must stop

  • abdul Jardine
    abdul Jardine


  • ZD animation
    ZD animation

    Dream beat that like a million times

    • Sandbax

      no one cares about dream


    Ali without hat! Dope

  • Ajwad Sayyid
    Ajwad Sayyid

    Nah do not listen to those haters you did your best mate

  • Ajwad Sayyid
    Ajwad Sayyid

    Nah do not listen to those haters you did your best

  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon

    wow he got roasted a lot from the chat

  • Tara Backman
    Tara Backman


  • Eileen Joyce
    Eileen Joyce

    is Okay

  • Isaac Dolly
    Isaac Dolly

    People do be jealous though

  • Kacper Chlebowski
    Kacper Chlebowski

    I love your vid I would band the haters

  • Makai Aiken
    Makai Aiken

    My long lost brother i found you!

  • Yamil Lopez
    Yamil Lopez

    I’m not a hater but that flying technique is nice

  • KierriekiesPlayz

    Me: Since when did Ali-A play Minecraft?!?

  • Entity oa
    Entity oa

    I love u Ali a

  • Erik Pettersson
    Erik Pettersson

    I've beaten his record i got a stack and 24 logs i have no proof tho :(

  • notcobwebshop

    So much nostalgia...

  • Not cyro
    Not cyro

    Ali-A: beats minecraft in 3 minutes Dream: beats in 30 seconds

  • Noor Al Bitar
    Noor Al Bitar

    Ali-A deserves it a sloth moves slower Ali is faster just get the fact he got the world record

  • TRN Xink
    TRN Xink

    wassup Ali A

  • Maurice Reid
    Maurice Reid

    Alia you looking kinda sus with those cringe old vids not a hater😂😂😂😂

  • Alejandro Aviñante Jr.
    Alejandro Aviñante Jr.


  • Jewlz

    Well i still support u bro

  • Alan I Patryk games
    Alan I Patryk games

    I fought your name was Jack Manson

  • lolman66 coin
    lolman66 coin

    Alia you are the best youtuber I love your vid and keep it up

  • Rahul Gandhi
    Rahul Gandhi

    nice job

  • Eithan Asulin
    Eithan Asulin

    Play minecraft in the Alia Chanol pls

  • Matty Gascoigne
    Matty Gascoigne

    Now I know what the -A stands for

  • GD Legend
    GD Legend

    I love you Ali a

  • xd swiftyu
    xd swiftyu

    Pls make a mincraft series

  • Jay Brij C. Laddha
    Jay Brij C. Laddha

    Hey man listen people will try and roast you just remember that you’re awesome and keep going ur content is very amazing

  • Judith Kayada
    Judith Kayada


  • Judith Kayada
    Judith Kayada


  • Creeper Gamer69
    Creeper Gamer69

    I knew about the staircase and the fluing technique

  • Muhammad Saifudin
    Muhammad Saifudin

    I play minecraft console every day

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson

    I am a fan but I laughed so hard when some 1 said I used the dislike technique i had to pause the vid

  • Muhammad Saifudin
    Muhammad Saifudin

    Boo you don't even play minecraft now

  • jaybarak


  • Daniel Bugbee
    Daniel Bugbee

    More Minecraft please

  • Loganwarrior

    Ali I beat your stair world record I got 31 steps its on my youtube channle

  • Chronic Plays - Tech Tips
    Chronic Plays - Tech Tips

    ali a: I just got 2 world records jacksucksatlife: am i a joke to you

  • Xd Logan
    Xd Logan

    I didn’t even know u played minecraft

  • icy Red
    icy Red

    dang ali is cracked

  • Evan Jenkins
    Evan Jenkins

    I know

  • XD Skelly
    XD Skelly

    you can't hate on him anways atleast it's a world record even if it's easy

  • Elena Charlton
    Elena Charlton

    Well done ali

  • Alfyris

    Speed run record?

  • LTK Luke080
    LTK Luke080

    Play Minecraft plzzz

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis


  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    and hair

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    its cool in the vid they show your real name

  • Dr4g0n Matr1x Animations
    Dr4g0n Matr1x Animations

    Ha i actually got 64 wood in less than 2 minutes

  • MicahTheGoat

    Dont let the hate get to you, we all love you and your content. Haters can Hate

  • Andrew Ferdico
    Andrew Ferdico


  • Actros Kharis
    Actros Kharis

    Seeing Ali without his cap and headphones is chilling

  • LAD PC
    LAD PC

    get that video more likes we don't want ali with that many dislikes do like right now on that video please !!!

  • Karen Wakim
    Karen Wakim

    Poor Ali always getting bullied

  • Liam Playfod
    Liam Playfod

    If you thought the 17 staircase was bad, remember the previous person got 10

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards

    Can u do another minecraft series

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