GUESS the Fortnite SKIN by the *DANCE*! (Fortnite Challenge)
GUESS the Fortnite SKIN by the *DANCE*! (Fortnite Emote Challenge)
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Can YOU guess the Fortnite skin by ONLY the dance? Watch this video to find out!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • MoreAliA

    Can YOU do BETTER than me!? 😁 This was REALLY hard lol

    • KianSoCool


    • kumail A
      kumail A

      I won on 4 lifes

    • Abeba H.
      Abeba H.

      YES 5

    • Glyn Goold
      Glyn Goold

      @Bruh Gamez ok me like

    • Master Royals!!
      Master Royals!!

      Yes I did better than you I got only 3 wrong without skipping any

  • Rozettia Echols
    Rozettia Echols


  • Gerardo Sanchez
    Gerardo Sanchez

    505 life

  • Luca Giannini
    Luca Giannini

    0 things wrong

  • Lindsey Barcklay
    Lindsey Barcklay


  • surag Qasim
    surag Qasim

    I got zero live😪😞😭😭😭😭🤧

  • Colin Desilets
    Colin Desilets

    I won with all my lives ggs ali

  • Ev Gary
    Ev Gary

    5 lofs

  • Felix and me
    Felix and me

    2 lives

  • kumail A
    kumail A

    I was on 4 lifes

  • Seham Bilal
    Seham Bilal


  • Ibrahim Ahmeti
    Ibrahim Ahmeti

    Four lives

  • Vilho Koo
    Vilho Koo

    I dont lose eny times


    2 livs

  • Kegir KGB
    Kegir KGB

    i had 3 lives left

  • Abeba H.
    Abeba H.

    i have 5 lile

  • Adrian-240fps

    I did it all

  • Jeremiah Nava (Student)
    Jeremiah Nava (Student)

    Hi hello

  • DSC Miner
    DSC Miner

    I made it to 5:54

  • Tammy Mcgoon
    Tammy Mcgoon

    I did Better than you because I had one life gone and I only had three more lives so I beat you

  • Nitro Killer
    Nitro Killer

    I had 2 lives left

  • Ruben Guerrero
    Ruben Guerrero

    I STILL have 5 LIVES I play to MUCH fortnite

  • Thegamingpanda

    Ok Ali u cant just give ur self a bonus life just because u couldnt guess the math dance somtimes u have to jus let it go and accept dude.

  • Gabriella Blakeley
    Gabriella Blakeley

    I got all the skins right

  • Riley Harte
    Riley Harte

    Had all lit

  • sas dogojie
    sas dogojie

    3 life left

  • سامر جبار عبدالامير عبدالحسين
    سامر جبار عبدالامير عبدالحسين


  • bunny gang
    bunny gang

    Peely ye fish stick🤮

  • biomehanika888

    I got 5 heart♥️

  • Andrei Damian Mardaloiu
    Andrei Damian Mardaloiu


  • Andrei Damian Mardaloiu
    Andrei Damian Mardaloiu


  • Andrei Damian Mardaloiu
    Andrei Damian Mardaloiu


  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    I want has the cat was his name and his black

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    Big fan review

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb


  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb


  • Xxdernt_691 H
    Xxdernt_691 H

    I had 2 lives

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    Minister season 3 the ad game real news and you anime

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    Written on your gaming you know that

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    I need alright I hope you give me the skin

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    Also I want me emote ko I pic how to see you tomorrow on I want you username do you own your username

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    I can do like The Immortal King show you want camera

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    And also the talk to do and when and two men and a Mysore and then back and and and and and

  • Yousef Ghalb
    Yousef Ghalb

    Hello I just want to say I want it black black skin and also what's using our send you walked her everything if you get

  • Sarah Mendoza
    Sarah Mendoza

    I never lost a life and im a defult

  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell

    I HAD 3 left

  • ThanDEpic GoP
    ThanDEpic GoP


  • Kaileigh Spencer
    Kaileigh Spencer

    i did not lose a single heart

  • Paxton Sipes
    Paxton Sipes

    I had 4 lives left lol the one I got wrong is the last one.

  • Damien O Neill
    Damien O Neill

    I got them all right ✅ Fortnite

  • krishnamohan kondaveeti
    krishnamohan kondaveeti

    I did not fail 1

  • knife party fan
    knife party fan

    Don't like so had 4 lives and had 2 at end

  • Gpanda 224
    Gpanda 224

    1 left

  • Nate Debono
    Nate Debono

    I have 3 or 4 lives

  • Faye Smith
    Faye Smith


  • Jezeah Schouten
    Jezeah Schouten

    I have four

  • Oriee 2012
    Oriee 2012

    I used 4 life’s but still had 1 life left

  • JK7377_FX hhh
    JK7377_FX hhh

    I cant believe I had 1 live left

  • Derick Avarado
    Derick Avarado

    he literally cheated

  • Xmc Xboy
    Xmc Xboy

    got one wrong

  • Elijah Powell
    Elijah Powell

    2 lifes

  • Ethan Dugal
    Ethan Dugal

    It was a duo me and my brother he had 2 I had3

  • PapaWill


  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Elizabeth Hernandez

    When you said you were at one life you were actually dead already that's the problem you counted two lives twice I remember I even rewatched it so as soon as you said you had one life you lost the challenge


    bruh 3\4 ali a

  • Jake Mazzola
    Jake Mazzola

    I had five lives left and I started with five

  • Amazing Adventures with Aiden
    Amazing Adventures with Aiden

    i lost 0

  • Joshua Tomblin
    Joshua Tomblin

    I still had 4 lives

  • Bodhi Agars
    Bodhi Agars

    I 7 5 liv

  • Evie Ejogbamu
    Evie Ejogbamu

    Didn't lose a single heart ❤️ 5

  • Maria Ontiveros
    Maria Ontiveros


  • Micheal Fitzgerald
    Micheal Fitzgerald

    I didn’t loose a single life

  • KL T-Jay123
    KL T-Jay123


  • SV Lazuli Adventures
    SV Lazuli Adventures

    got 5 love

  • Sebastian Mancia Suarez
    Sebastian Mancia Suarez

    I lost one live

  • Carter Mcbride
    Carter Mcbride

    I was left with 4 at the end

  • Ryker Maddox
    Ryker Maddox

    I had 3 life’s leaft

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos

    He is my daddy

  • Franko-lorian

    Ali, go and watch some of tusadivi vids

  • Rougen Vance Sumandal
    Rougen Vance Sumandal

    how about if you get it right you get a 6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • jusfiwi


  • jusfiwi

    I'm a kitty kitty kitty

  • jusfiwi

    5 life

  • Jaxson Larsen
    Jaxson Larsen

    I did

  • Oalah Elnabout
    Oalah Elnabout

    Guess what ali a my name is Ali too

  • Brandon Perdue
    Brandon Perdue


  • Cristian I
    Cristian I


  • Cristian I
    Cristian I

    I lost at peaky banana rain

  • Chenryplays

    Easy still had 4 lives

  • Adam Boody
    Adam Boody

    I watch all these vids so I think I will do so great

  • Nicola Hawkins
    Nicola Hawkins

    Am I an fortnight kid if I did not loos a live

  • Deathcooler 4444
    Deathcooler 4444

    I didn’t loose any hearts lol

    • James Wilcher
      James Wilcher

      your my favourite youtuber

  • Nardly King
    Nardly King

    I finished with 2 lives

  • Deandre West
    Deandre West


  • Deandre West
    Deandre West

    I got 0

  • Constance Ali
    Constance Ali

    -6 lives

  • Donna

    4 lives left I'm decent

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith


  • Steven Hamm
    Steven Hamm


  • Diana Parker
    Diana Parker

    U lost I didn’t even loose 1

Faqja Tjeter