*FUNNY* TikTok PRANKS that’ll make you LAUGH!
Funny TikTok PRANKS that went TOO FAR!
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Funny Tik Tok pranks you have to see. Some of these TikTok pranks went TOO FAR! Which TikTok prank do you think is the BEST prank?
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres

    2:19 SuPeR FuNnY XD XD XD XD

  • J-cray

    7:06he shoes the model finger

  • J-cray

    At 6:59 he shoes the model finger

  • HYP3R


  • Anpaar


  • Morgan Pope
    Morgan Pope


  • Steve Parmenter
    Steve Parmenter

    Do u not notice rhe guy fliping off someone

  • Pizza Monster Gamer
    Pizza Monster Gamer

    What golf course was that

  • John Hein
    John Hein


  • Lil Mac 500
    Lil Mac 500

    You are the best you tuber

  • Tyron and Kendra's adventures
    Tyron and Kendra's adventures

    When I was little play doh was in my mouth

  • Deivi Shyti
    Deivi Shyti

    8:30 Free time ❤️

  • Evmar 12
    Evmar 12

    Guys the grandma was Ross smith go watch them now!

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Do you want 100000 $$$ dollers to kiss your grilfriend

  • Brentlee Wallace
    Brentlee Wallace

    That is pickle rick

  • Puggy Brycen
    Puggy Brycen

    Please please do more clash of clans

  • Jojo Valadez
    Jojo Valadez


  • Siren Head
    Siren Head

    Me chilling to the memenade music ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • ilia Barzegar
    ilia Barzegar


  • Antonie Van Moortel
    Antonie Van Moortel

    Your a big Pokémon fan I think

  • XytienYt UwU
    XytienYt UwU

    Ali do you have a caviuler king Charle Spanial?

  • Gary Rowray
    Gary Rowray

    That’s pickle rick

  • Dragon Breath7
    Dragon Breath7


  • chhavi m Jain
    chhavi m Jain

    What fed ex wife

  • XxkalegamerxX bacon playz
    XxkalegamerxX bacon playz

    5:55 you say pickle man the right one is pickle rick!

  • The Star Fam- Hunter
    The Star Fam- Hunter

    Hi I like your contentions

  • Aidan Handyside
    Aidan Handyside

    7:09 he pointed the finger

  • Enzo Pepers
    Enzo Pepers


  • Alia Fan
    Alia Fan

    I’m big fan as you can tell see my name and icon add me pls at Adrian_McD_2012

  • Irish Galang
    Irish Galang

    Did you not know that pickle in the trash that was rick in the movie its called rick and morty

  • Apriska Gracia Kalalo
    Apriska Gracia Kalalo

    6:66 💀💀💀☠️👻👻

  • Randy Swansen
    Randy Swansen

    hes at 6.9 subs. 69

  • lizard gamer
    lizard gamer

    That pickle is rick from rick and morty

  • Masterknurd Bilky
    Masterknurd Bilky

    The funniest prank is to Rick roll ur friends on Fortnite

  • Joseph Modrich
    Joseph Modrich

    Alia: hit the like button and you will be immune to pranks Me: hit like button Next day: got pranked

  • Will Carrington
    Will Carrington


  • grant keenan
    grant keenan


  • Susan Andrews
    Susan Andrews


  • Raja Malau
    Raja Malau

    7:06 My man a Savage

  • Harry J
    Harry J

    you should do some of these pranks on your fiancé

  • xra_army

    Bro last won was so mean

    • Ramiro Luigimario
      Ramiro Luigimario

      "One" sorry just had to

  • your nightmare 777
    your nightmare 777

    6.9 mill subs ali a well done and lol and nice

  • ThisOnePlays


  • Yoshi army
    Yoshi army

    Day 1 of trying to be pinned

  • Omar Ruano
    Omar Ruano

    7:42 that must have hurt😂

    • Olivia x Todoroki, Deku, Kenma
      Olivia x Todoroki, Deku, Kenma

      Yeah.... impact from water on the leg from high must hurt lol

  • Ronan C
    Ronan C


  • Miguel Corchado
    Miguel Corchado

    In the trash can was Rick the pickle

  • Foot Cream
    Foot Cream

    2:21 how it feels to chew 5 gum

    • Avey

      I always do it it’s not that bad

    • LEE Vocals
      LEE Vocals


    • Calub Graham
      Calub Graham


    • Heybrolemmetosoemwcooltrickswithsomecoolnames Hey
      Heybrolemmetosoemwcooltrickswithsomecoolnames Hey

      I’ve seen you n a different video once

    • INX


  • Samantha K Nolk
    Samantha K Nolk

    I make the water cake and I loved it

  • Stephaniekaugf Carpenteryggi
    Stephaniekaugf Carpenteryggi

    1:13 Grandma’s are funny af doe

    • Rylan Skuya
      Rylan Skuya

      Oof that is cold

    • ntr group
      ntr group

      At doe all

  • Stephaniekaugf Carpenteryggi
    Stephaniekaugf Carpenteryggi

    0:00, 0:01,0:02,0:03,0:03,0:04,0;05,0:06,0:07,0:08,0:09,0:10

  • Andru Nanca
    Andru Nanca


  • Andru Nanca
    Andru Nanca


  • radin hayati
    radin hayati

    Me to

  • Sniper 55
    Sniper 55

    Alli a Are your workers tired 6:10

  • Ryland Fetsko
    Ryland Fetsko

    9:19 Poor kid

  • shipmate_dave

    The laser one doesent shock you its made up because i have the exact laser that can go through windows but it doesent shock people

  • gursahib Singh
    gursahib Singh

    Bed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Theo raven!
    Theo raven!

    then after pickle rick returns dan dan dan!!!!

  • Theo raven!
    Theo raven!

    RIP pickle rick

  • delete delete
    delete delete

    He put the mitl figf up

  • Zion Dukes
    Zion Dukes

    Lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mckenna Ueland
    Mckenna Ueland

    Guess imma be pranked

  • Apple 737
    Apple 737


  • Jeremy

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Imagine Dragons
    Imagine Dragons

    My name is crezbeck can you please gift me the cartoon mewowsicles

  • Hudsoonvid-eo Adventures
    Hudsoonvid-eo Adventures

    Yoy sound exactly like loverfella

  • Garret Martin
    Garret Martin

    2:19 me

  • Max Ket-Ying
    Max Ket-Ying


  • BSI


  • Monta

    The grandma one was funny 😂

    • L L
      L L

      Ik xd

    • tolemz

      Ik xD

  • Ruby Rowbotham
    Ruby Rowbotham

    It’s fake hair lol

  • dark death45
    dark death45

    Where's your intro

  • Dream                                          Sus
    Dream Sus

    🤸 - 🦽 🏌️

  • MoreB4ND1T

    I love the memenade soundtrack at 0:20

    • Max Ket-Ying
      Max Ket-Ying


    • Mohamed FN
      Mohamed FN

      same bro

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy

    Its not pickle man its pickle rick

  • Jena Prats
    Jena Prats

    I have done that snake one before

  • Mohamed Elnaggar
    Mohamed Elnaggar

    Some one put they midl thinger up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kidfury72

    Alistair Claire has made an only fans so sorry 😞 but it will not help you

  • Mwambi the gamer
    Mwambi the gamer

    the iron one was really funny he rolled like 23 times.we love you ali-a

  • austin hodgson
    austin hodgson

    the play Dow one why did he think it was real (-:)

  • Abdul Nazeer
    Abdul Nazeer

    There was a malyali im too and you subscriber

  • SNKY Pow
    SNKY Pow

    Nuke prank imeadint scairnise

  • Jayden Marks
    Jayden Marks

    Number 1 💯 victory royale 💀 yah fortnite 🥶 we bout to get down 🤬 10 kills on the board 🥵 right now 👀 just wiped out 🥰 tomato town 🍅

    • Dj Puggy
      Dj Puggy


  • Courtney Pittl
    Courtney Pittl

    Pickle rick

  • Jezra Gaming
    Jezra Gaming

    Most of them are totally staged

  • Brooke’s Gaming
    Brooke’s Gaming

    Alyea Can you play K’naan subscribe to my ALgone channel it’s Brook’s gaming

  • Lauren Simpson
    Lauren Simpson


  • XD-Dylan-atkins

    Did any one see the middl finger whith the old man

  • Lucas Cheetham
    Lucas Cheetham

    How you doing

  • Sprazy _YT
    Sprazy _YT

    Can you react to movie trailers I would love that video like if you agree so he can see it!!

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz

    Who remembers Ali’s superchargers

    • Zakamino gaming
      Zakamino gaming

      I wanted to be on it so my mum would have a drippy car

  • Park Kiu Gabriel HO [08Y2]
    Park Kiu Gabriel HO [08Y2]

    why does the person at 8:46 look so much like Tiko

    • Leo Hall Roblox
      Leo Hall Roblox

      Because he is

  • Ryno Snyman
    Ryno Snyman

    why you swearing


    ali i wanna 1v1 u

  • Gaming Python07
    Gaming Python07

    the things about the iron one is that its not connected to power

  • McCreamy


  • srithan nandimandalam
    srithan nandimandalam

    5:50 Fresh be like

    • Flirio

      @FireBird iKR

    • FireBird


  • Shaun Rose
    Shaun Rose

    My name is Christian and I love you videos

  • Shaun Rose
    Shaun Rose

    I've been pranked before

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