Best SPY HACKS you *NEED* to KNOW!
Best SPY HACKS you *NEED* to KNOW!
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Crazy spy hacks you NEED to know - Give this spy life hacks a go!
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  • Connor Vibin
    Connor Vibin

    The book and phone one dont work because she can still hear it?

  • jaxson mullins
    jaxson mullins

    Did any one see what the book is

  • Cathy Grace
    Cathy Grace


  • Baking Bacon
    Baking Bacon

    1:48 What are ya watchin buddy?

  • Mark Foster
    Mark Foster

    My dad put a £10 note in his phone case but it's see through😂😂😂

    • Brenton Thornton
      Brenton Thornton

      Same with my sister

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    Ben Sayotovich

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    Charlotte Driscoll

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    L J Hansen

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  • Conner Kyllonen
    Conner Kyllonen

    Btw that was a wireless mouse computer thing not a usb

  • Xtremegamerz93WasHere

    What will happen if the person tries to pick up the fork and finds the secret 4:48

  • Sarah Storrie
    Sarah Storrie

    Fake alia

  • Please don't let me die
    Please don't let me die


  • dorayaky GSM
    dorayaky GSM

    thanks 4 the tips now i can use my parents phone

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    Raif Lindstrom

    Hooray he’s vibing in 5 minute crafts

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    Bryan Aniyi



    I have an iPad 😎😎


    I don’t have a phone 😢😭😭

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    Trenton Nunley

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    Alexia G.

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  • Ethan Luke Tube Super Review HD
    Ethan Luke Tube Super Review HD

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  • clare smith
    clare smith

    Ali A, do you play roblox?

    • lowercase

      yeah i do -sincerely, ali a

  • Conall Ó Maonaigh
    Conall Ó Maonaigh

    1st hack wouldn't work the fingerprint would be backwards

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    Your funny ALIA

  • Stephanie Butler
    Stephanie Butler

    Alia "everyone has a phone case right" I don't have one because I'm on computer and I don't have a phone

  • Jaime Alcantar
    Jaime Alcantar

    Wait when l was driving a car in fortnite the back of the car open

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    Hilbert Williams

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    TheSodaGirls Gaming


    • TheSodaGirls Gaming
      TheSodaGirls Gaming

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      Haajir chy

      No he's watching 5 minutes crafts and I'm a huge fan of them

  • kevin kev
    kevin kev

    I ca see my fingerprint you know lol

  • Jacques Williams
    Jacques Williams

    Am I the only one that think that these hacks are to see if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨

  • Game Thug
    Game Thug

    she thick 8:13

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    Zippy’s World

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    Summers Smallbone

    Hey alia your on a Pokémon guide on app store

  • Treyce Berryhill
    Treyce Berryhill

    1:45 Anyone else notice he said fake USB but it was a fake lip balm

    • Mark Foster
      Mark Foster

      Oh yeahhhhhh

    • Marie Burton
      Marie Burton

      Oh yeah you’re right

  • Hyerflash FN
    Hyerflash FN

    Use code Ali a true legend

  • Howl playz
    Howl playz

    Wow cool spy tricks love the video

    • lowercase

      thanks :) -yours faithfully

  • craig still
    craig still

    first tape and finger print dint work , tryed loads but cant see the print through the tap :s

  • Harry Hickinbottom
    Harry Hickinbottom


  • Somiljadster

    I have a transperent phone case

  • Alfyris


  • Assassin Gamer
    Assassin Gamer

    I don't under stand the last one being spy related

  • Assassin Gamer
    Assassin Gamer

    My phone case is see through

  • faith clinton
    faith clinton

    4192_victor bevisar mig fel eftersom jag måste erkänna att jag först hade min tvivel 1 trodde att alla dessa samtal om 4192_victor som är på Instagram var alla bots. Men jag hade fel, han är riktiga och legitima killar. Jag fick snabb tillgång till min partners whatsapp, foton och textmeddelanden med hans hjälp

  • faith clinton
    faith clinton

    4192_victor bevisar mig fel eftersom jag måste erkänna att jag först hade min tvivel 1 trodde att alla dessa samtal om 4192_victor som är på Instagram var alla bots. Men jag hade fel, han är riktiga och legitima killar. Jag fick snabb tillgång till min partners whatsapp, foton och textmeddelanden med hans hjälp

  • Boss

    That cup and balloons launcher trick I did for Intrapreneur day with marsh mellows and I got 60 bucks

  • Lakezx

    Bro u should go back in clash of clans there is gonna be a new town hall

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    Defaulty memes

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    JackTubeRadical and daddy games

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    Jordy Medcalf


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      Mark Foster

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    Gaming 4Life

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    Manaia Paratene-Pokai

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    Abdul Ahad

    The 03:36 one i did that before it actually worked a long time ago

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    Kit Cat1250

    You would need gloves on

  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor

    I think I mag or may not have found a valt you don't know about

  • Vincent the spy
    Vincent the spy

    The first one is very fake to use Touch ID on a iPhone the fingerprint needs to match and your finger need to end an electrical pulse to the phone so even if the fingerprint matches it will not work

  • Reflection

    Does anyone else find it awkward watching Ali A react to these Tik Tok videos?

    • Da Monkey1
      Da Monkey1


  • Jacob Patterson
    Jacob Patterson

    Don't do the life hacks there often fake and ridiculous and a person was killed from doing one and the person that was there with her was scared badly on there face for doing a life hack.

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien

    stalking is bad


    i like games

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    MrDiamond Plays

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    Adam Mounsey

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    Ali Obaid

    Ali-a please listen to me I known you get a lot of hate but please never stop making content

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    Mohammed Hammam

    9:47 I did that one when I was small

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